Project Description

30’ Inflatable arch

If you want to pursue higher goals in advertising and event marketing, inflatable arches are sure to set you apart from the competition.These eye-catching inflatable arches are not to be missed, whether it’s hosting an event or drawing attention to your location.With plenty of options for customization and cost-cutting, you can make an impression without increasing your budget.Where else can you get a large income?

Inflatable-ads Inflatable arches provide an excellent entrance to your event or exhibition booth or the front of the stage, as well as a traditional starting and finishing line.Our friendly and helpful team will provide you with a variety of sizes and styles to choose from, we can tell you exactly what you want and provide you with the best choice.Lighting can also be added to your inflatable device.This is an ideal solution for evening or indoor activities.


  • High quality inflatable arch, made of high quality 210D/420D nylon coated fabric, anti-wrinkle and waterproof, ultra high tear strength.A blower is required to continuously inflate it.If handled with care, they can be reused for years!
  • You can customize your arch color and brand information as well as various sizes and tube thicknesses.You can also attach a sticky band to the inflatable arch, allowing you to change the logo and other information multiple times.
  • According to different materials, we use screen printing, digital printing, thermal sublimation process for your logo and information.
  • The inflatable arch includes an electric blower to provide continuous running air.

Select Inflatable-ads advantages:

Inflatable arch 1
  • The factory has more than 5 years of sewing workers, excellent sewing skills, is the basis of our high quality arch.

  • The sewing thread should be as close as possible to the color of the arch fabric.

  • Double seam on the front, doubling the tension at the joint.

Double seam on the front, doubling the tension at the joint
  • Adopt safe and environment-friendly non-toxic materials.

  • The coating enables the material to have anti-wrinkle, waterproof and ultra-high tear strength

Inflatable arch 2
  • Use digital printing first and then sublimation transfer technology to make your logo and warning information will not fade or change color.The pattern has neat edges.

  • Print your logo and message at the top of the 20-foot inflatable arch so people can see her from a distance. That’s your charm.

  • We have prepared multiple D rings for each corner and the front and rear of the sole, which you can install according to the actual situation.

size Can be customized
material 210D/420D material
color Red, yellow, green, blue, white, various pantone colors
OEM OEM The available
Minimum quantity 1PC
blower CE / UL
accessories Blower, rope, sandbag, carrier bag
The cradle Guangzhou, China (mainland)
Delivery time 3-12 days
The time of delivery 5-12 days or according to the quality of your order
packaging In bags and in cartons
The mode of transportation Sea, air or express
payment Telegraphic transfer, western union, alipay, WeChat, cash, etc
Characteristics of the 1. Thin, high transmittance and high intensity.2. Flame retardant and waterproof fabrics.3. Logo or graphics can be printed.
Advanced splicing technology New sewing techniques were used to make pinholes very small to prevent air loss
production 1. You tell us your requirements and we will give you a simple design manuscript.2.You pay 50% of the total price as deposit.3. We will give you the detailed design and start production after confirming all the contents.4. I will send you a package of photos that you can change according to your reasonable needs.5. After confirmation, you pay the balance and we deliver it.
The power supply voltage According to the client’s country/region
Plug type According to the client’s country/region

CE/UL approved blower

30’ Inflatable arch

Packing / transportation

It is strong enough for long-distance transportation.

The inside of the blower is equipped with a foam board, and the carton is located outside.

The whole interior is equipped with an Oxford cloth bag, and the exterior is provided with a paper box package.

Inflatable arch 4