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Guangzhou ADS Inflatable Advertising products Co. LTD is an inflatable’s company integrating development, production and sales. At present, our factory area reaches 5000m2, which is located in the beautiful environment of Dongchong Town, Nansha New District, Guangzhou City with convenient transportation. Nearby is a highway entrance, high-speed rail station, 40 minutes to Baiyun International Airport.

It has 50 workers with over 5 years of experience and a technical development team over 10 years experience.

Inflatable arch is a brand – new advertising media, its biggest feature is publicity.

People in the large sports events, entertainment, business promotion and other activities, will have the brand logo printing inflatable arch placed in a prominent position.

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Inflatable advertising has always been the most cost-effective of all advertising models, which is why more and more businesses like it.

Inflatable cartoon replicas, which can easily meet the needs of various scenes, such as: the oversize display of goods;Realistic biological image or exaggeration, or funny, or fear;Cartoon mascots for various activities and so on.

These lovely or horrible shapes will attract people’s attention. If they are placed in the scene of activities with more people and at the commercial gate, the brand image of the enterprise will be more vividly displayed, so as to achieve the ultimate advertising effect.

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The balloon itself is so large that it can be seen clearly from a distance.So many businesses now use it as a carrier for outdoor advertising.Not only can it be installed on the ground, but it can also be pumped high into the air by filling it with helium.

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Current, air three-dimensional advertising is spread noodles wide, the influence is big one of a better way of sales promotion, and the use of balloon or paraglider air suspended carrier air advertising airship ball or the air, the air cartoon and air replica goods, etc., will be the contents of advertisements displayed in the form of suspended in the air, is known to the public in recent years, an effective way of advertising.

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Air dancers are also known as eccentric Inflatable tube people, inflatable advertisements sewn from high-strength, ultra-thin, ultra-light parachute materials.

Because outdoor advertising needs easy to read information, we provide a variety of sizes and heights, bold for customers to reasonably place the logo logo and slogan, through the thermal sublimation process, so that recognizable text and bright theme color, through the pantone color accurate display.

The air dancer is a kind of pneumatic dancer, and the eccentric air pump waving can increase the company’s popularity, which can immediately arouse people’s curiosity, attract more people, thus increasing the sales volume and the overall brand awareness.

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ADS Inflatable Advantages


We have a professional sales and after-sales team to provide the best services to customers from all over the world.


Seiko Material Selection + Efficient Productivity + Our unique quality standard system guarantees our delivery and quality.


1600 square meters of production workshop, fully automatic machinery and equipment, 50 people’s production capacity, 10 sales and after-sales teams, and 15 years of experience in the engineering team.